Google Analytics – Check it Daily

Make Your Website Successful

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You have no idea the number of small business owners that I speak with who do not check there website analytics daily, looking at your analytics report can take 1 minute and I guarantee you that if you spend one minute a day reviewing your report you will begin to make your website successful and here is why.

  • You will see exactly how many visitors your website got and you will start comparing it to the day before – then the week before – then the month before  – then the year before .  This will then give you the data you need to see if you are doing a good job with your website.
  • you will start seeing where your visitors are coming to your website from and what pages are working for you or against you, you can then address these matters with your web developer.
  • You can see straight away if there is a sudden drop in visitors and address what may have caused it – could be a competitor running a google campaign – could be a fault with your website – or even a drop in your rankings

Have a look at this yearly report below and straight away you can see some serious problems for this website.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 16.00.14

This company hired a SEO consultant to optimise their website and stopped after 3 months, the spikes are the additional visitors they were getting when the website was on page 1 of google the flatlines are before and after.

Sad to think that they haven’t even addressed this problem.